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Related article: be thankful when he said: "Grace", late at night. Cliff was eager to meet everyone in the axis of each new - found freedom, the lifestyle expected to follow. He had seen Rob n and Timmy once since Tuesday night, when they began their relationship... and were in love hot and heavy. or so it seems. Cliff had just short Troy spoke to confirm his attendance at the dinner. Cliff does not mention the "we", however, has to say about Roger and Cliff almost painless Troy, Cliff was urgent help to die. The dinner was to be expected, 07 served 45 years, when n came home from evening prayer. Rob and Timmy came to the parsonage to 04:30 and wanted to know if the " income" is a room for about an hour. Cliff Suddenly the feeling that his house had been converted into a brothel. Who cared how as is done in the name of love ? ! Any person wishing to In case of being happy, and suddenly that included Cliff. before Rob and Timmy love is logged met Jay of his room and changed the sheets and heated up a few wet towels using when they were through. Jay does not burn ! Cliff knew that s been a " jack of all trades," including the obligations of a servant. Roger had taken upon himself responsible for the wines, , despite the protests of the head of Jay, the rectory of " galloping gourmet ". Roger had refused to attend Mass on Sunday morning and had driven across the state line of a liquor store, which was not accepted by the opening, and that " blue laws ". This also gave an opportunity, a better view of the Briarwood. He knew he expected Roger Cliff would like to move enough n there permanently. Every night since he arrived, his pride n had improved. Cliff was more in love with Roger now that he had ever was considered that Roger felt the same. Roger returned to 05th clock 00 on purchases of wine, the chef, who also hand decided,truant from evening prayer. As Cliff in the church was the implementation of the service, the following sequence n happened between Roger and Jay.... Later Sunday night, Roger account offers all the Cliff.... u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e n " What is the festival? to come," said Roger Jay. "only super -duper ! Everything is just in time. I just hope are the guests. " Jay said. " I hear voices from your room or is it a TV? " Roger request. " is a kind of soap opera, only it's live. " " Who, tell me ? " "Do not worry, Roger. It is not Cliff, when this is what I mind. is the product of the mediation of Cliff in the religious standing. " joked Jay. ? "Sorry " "You see, Roger, this game has been played Cliff believes in him, is a" priest - Host " to point to this game, entrants this soundproofed. No State, commonly known as a confessional and asked Cliff on the issues. you know, " as Bachelor Number One, the weather has been gay and if has soughtthe perfect lover, what would be card? " N pass those things on the basis of candidates' responses , Cliff pairs given in the bedroom one night s of their choice in the church parsonage... pay what it costs! " \\ \\ n " you gotta be kidding ? " Roger thought. " Well, that 's how it looks from a comical point of view. " "Who is in your bedroom, pray ? " "To be honest, there are two guys who came to confession the past week. both are members of the choir, and when they started shed their value, Cliff and told his staff o problems... so go unnoticed the first thing to know, either by it. cliff held a surprise meeting for the two of them last night Tuesday... and an hour later they were in the middle of naked cliffs is \\ \\ n bed without Cliff, of course, and that the strongest noise and unpleasant I've listened to two " ladies " are... and together we have " " end of history because.... you are a map, Jay. Not surprisingly, Cliff believes that much of you. " " Yes, but not enough... " " What do you Young Lolitas mean ? " " I was all set to catch my claws, came to Troy in the image. Cliff Troy set aside, when you arrived. Now it is obvious that Cliff totally in love with you. " " Sorry if I spoiled your plans. " " You really have. In my physical condition, you will not learn to plan, at least not long term, anyway. " " How do you go with the new drugs ? "N " It may be psychosomatic or simply wishful thinking, but I have n more energy in the last days, when I was in almost a year ago... Of course, Cliff meetings might have something to do. " " Maybe it's a combination of everything... new friends, a new location , a new doctor, new drugs, a new attitude towards life... all! " " I swear, if they had said " broccoli again," I would have hit him with a cast iron skillet " " Who knows... Maybe it was the broccoli. "Roger said. " Let's say that broccoli has given my ASSHnew energy ole. " looked for a moment, then laughed as Jay check the furnace and its contents. Then Roger asked seriously, " Jay, This Troy, you mentioned is Cliff, y... One thing to go ? " " No, not really. I've never met Troy. Tonight'll the first time I've seen, but he has a mysterious problem that is not Cliff o can Young Lolitas not speak... and Cliff wants to help fix it. And besides, Roger, Cliff is the second Sunday is the celebration of Mass, and he is only Troy knows little more than a week. Couldn't've I love you, that s fast. " " Why not ?... You have... " " What do you mean ? " " I mean, you fall in love with Cliff so quickly. " " My God, he is much, Roger, " " ? I could say that the first time I saw that looked... Remember Jay, I am or was a priest, too, and I love Cliff... I know how you feel If you look at it. I should know --- I look in the same way. "Roger whispered. " We are on opposite sides hereTEACH in the same direction. "N " You could say, dass " " But Cliff is looking in one direction... in your case. " " not be so sure, Jay. You see, Cliff has a big heart. He is also a Gemini and Gemini are capable of loving more than one person in the identical and equally love on both sides... Therefore, should not be counting the not only the work yet. " " How do you know much about the twins, Roger? " " I am one. Only 10 days separate Cliff my birthday. " " And you feel like you can love two or more people at a time time? " " Yes, I could. Who knows, maybe I'll be back. " " Roger and Cliff are so different yet so similar. " " I know, dass.. one side of me that loves him, is a classic example of narcissism. I see when I look at it. " " I think it's just me and the rest of the world that the people as you two should meet to fall in love and live happily ever after. where do the rest of us, desperate people will find love? " " timesYou need not look beyond the nose. " " Roger, if I am infected with the "Big A", do you think people s, as can be in love with someone like me fall in love? " " Jay, I really believe that someone fall in love, despite The " Big One " problem... I mean, Cliff, apparently... and I could " " You mean you do not "fall n the total sincerity in the voice of Roger Jay forced his usual joking attitude. ", I said. And if you can believe Cliff, you know, I know not lie. " " Funny, I never thought about it before, but Hester Prynne, and have much in common. We had two adulterers and ideas were branded with a capital " A!... In different ways, of course... Now I see why Cliff never stopped loving all these years. " "Jay... here come from a minute... " " Why? " " do not ask... just come here. " Jay Roger walked slowly to the inquiring gaze gaze of Roger. Roger put a hand on each shoulder and pulled him Jay closer and kissed himhe, tender and soft. Jay did not appear. that s is frozen and stood there in amazement, as if she been knighted or given a medal or a special honor. " Why did you do that? " Jay whispered, eyes still closed. " I thought I needed... and because I wanted to. " N " You know you 're playing with my mind, right? " " I'm very careful be, not to harm you. you see, when Cliff loves n and has a place in his heart for you, then it is natural, I know that it. most of my life, I have everything done... even if copied all... little did I know what I wanted, I do. all I wanted, I needed to have them too. " " even when a priest is to yourself, "asked Jay. "Guilty... That's the real reason I became a priest. No " name "as Cliff. I followed him into the priesthood. I think that's why give up my church was so easy for me. I would give all the n to him only in the neighborhood. " " Where do I fit in the picturer ? "Jay asked, almost anxiously. N " You Young Lolitas will become part of my heart, as you have cliffs... and s not?... We let the cards fall where they may. " " " " Did you tell Cliff that you kiss me? Yes, but he does not care. He knows that he kissed, and wants to be loved... Do not pity, but I loved it. " " Do you think you love me too ? " ", I thought you were the man with all the answers... You say, me! " " Before you answer, I want to be sure you know Cliff n , do not cheat on their backs. " " Fair enough... Only now, Young Lolitas just learn to relax and accept love when it is offered to you? " " I will try. "Jay said smiling. " Oh, my God, you better check broccoli casserole and see if it burns ! " " let's burn the damn thing, let's Jay. Burn it ! " " I think the more you love a man, The more you trust, more committed they will lose. Although when shadows fall, I'd like someone just is beautiful you really need a caring and loving. Care would be terminated if he near me. " Noel Coward... continues. Cliff came home shortly after 19, 00 hours, which gave half of an hour to change clothes Polish and Rob Troy has come to. Timmy and had not yet their tête- à- tête Jay was born in s bedroom. Jay seemed a little proud because Cliff had been announced, his room voluntarily, Rob, and his temporary appointment Timmy place. " as anything that falls? "Cliff asked me asked if interrupted anything n. " Everything but the Pepto -Bismol - after dinner - ready to drink. " Jay murmured with a smile. " How was your service, " said Roger Cliff. " sparse crowd react, but... Jay, you want to do with mea favor and go to after the prince sleeping two? " " Sure. I bet you have worked a great appetite now. "It hummed a bars of" The man that got away ", as it was down the hall to the room of his s. kiss Cliff went to Roger. " How was your evening ? Do have a good trip to Briarwood ? " " Yes, quite a small city. For " " Were you tempted enough to want to live here, " said Cliff, almost permeable. " Cliff, I would be living on Skid Row to be near you. "Their eyes met, for a moment, and seemed to melt into another soul. " Did you get to know more about Jay? "N " A little. It is a sweet child. I will talk later about our conversation. I do not want to hear me talk about it. " " Okay. Do you ever find a cure for this? "N " I'm sure ! It could be now, but do not know s the matter, and pharmaceutical companies rich cursed high-priced "cocktails " buy medical centers to prevent i releaset. "N " It speaks well of what we are as human beings. If certain groups had their way, we n again to beat the tom -toms and dancing around a fire, as healers. "N " I want to help Jay, Cliff. I will help you stay healthy. I have all money from this and not know what to do with it. If you hear of any physician or all sound logical treatment... or hear what they want, or needs, please let me know. The price is not too high for your help. " " It seems that Jay was somehow under the skin a little. " " Maybe.... You should know... Have you looked into my eyes... "N " I know. I saw for the first time I saw him down on the lake. The sorta learn... like a little lost puppy. You want to pick him up and with him all the love, the love and care they lost most or all of their life. " " Psst, I hear you coming... " " Well, soldiers have emerged. "Jay said as he entered the kitchen ". He had not slept... determined that hid under the EAP mattress... "And then in a secondouthern can accent, he said, "My God, not imagine what you could do Young Lolitas in this bed all these time... God knows you can not find anyone... I mean... a do everything possible, if I lie. " " I'll buy a vibrator in the form of a spear of broccoli, "he joked Cliff. "I have already vibrant broccoli out of my ass. Why should I wants to push more? " " Call it part of their medical treatment. " Cliff said. " Yes, Mom," he said, sticking his tongue out to Cliff. "What time is it?" Cliff asked changing the subject. "It's ten to eight. " Response Jay. "Troy has been here, or call or something. " ", to hurry, because everything is hot and ready, and a s not what I have to do for a cold dinner. " " Why not go sit at the table, Cliff? I'm sure I'll be here s soon, " said Roger. Timmy and Rob came into the room with a smile on the expect their faces. " Rob, Timmy, you know Jay, and this is my best friend, ROger... Roger, these two new friends of mine to sing in the choir. " all exchanged cordial" welcome, " shook hands and sat down to the dinner table, ready Jay look like something that really needed to on Martha 's website Stewart. If Martha had seen, is said to Jay: "It's a good thing," he began to Jay for starter, followed by soup and salad four sat, which offers a lot of " ooh" and.. "aah. " After the main course was served, while Roger served wine. was then 08:30 and still no word of Troy. cliff digest the food was not good from worry about it. something was wrong would be either Troy or ask about something some n. knew cliff, there's no way to reach it is suspected that fear Kitty Marsden, something Troy ever lied to visit his her father s in a nursing home Sunday night. that was the excuse Troy was a night of freedom away from her and get Kendall. With nine the clock, see all sitting in the Dessert, and wondered if there was room for belly of another course. all to dinner, Rob and Timmy seemed in a world of n for your own, constantly looking at each other, breaking into big smiles for s no reason that obviously the other guests, from time on when the power of each another bite of this or that, transferred to eat each with its own fork ones lips. Roger made ​​a point to maintain a continuous flow of talk to Jay Jay was always a chance to sit among the n serve the different courses. Roger expects the witty banter that keep notes other guests, such as Cliff was concerned that Troy had not yet arrived, had not called. Finally, the food was ready and was proclaimed a resounding success as a chef Jay and they all moved to the living room. Rob and Timmy becomes fun, a co- the grand piano, while the other was singing a musical on Broadway. Both had voice n very good and excellent taste in music, singing songs of manyStephen Sondheim, Anthony Newley and Jones and Schmidt. No one knew where that has it, but Jay has a dramatic entry with a hat s big feather boa and a long red, seductive singing as " Flaming Agnes " "n I do, I do ". At the end of his " power," the group praised his "art". It soon became 11 o'clock and time for Rob and let Timmy s. He praised and thanked Jay for dinner for the private sector Jay s the use of the room, and then ordered his love farewell. Roger, Jay and Cliff began the task of cleaning Young Lolitas and washing dishes. Arms were soaked cliff up to the elbows in Dawn dishwashing foam when the doorbell rang. Jay Cliff would respond quietly and heard someone. Cliff, assuming that Troy finally be almost running to meet the entrance it. But it was Troy in the door. Instead, there were two Briarwood police. Cliff was nailed to the ground, a sudden cloud nightfall. "Cliff, these men arand come to you. "Jay said sadly. Roger came to the door, next to the cliff. It " Father Cliff ? "Said the first officer. " Yes ? " " We were the name and address, contact given. " " What is happening? "Cliff said. " Father, I'm afraid there's been an accident with Young Lolitas one of his parishioners. " " Who... What? " " All we had was in the hospital, the name of Troy Wilkinson. " Oh, my God, is dead? " N "I do not know. He was apparently alive when the ambulance brought the hospital. He kept asking about you. " \\ \\ n "What kind of accident, you know? " n " A car accident. " " There were other cars involved ?... was anyone hurt? " " no, I'm sorry to say, what looked like an apparent suicide attempt. There were no skid marks, no sign of the car out of control, only direct shot a large oak tree. " "my God, Troy would not try to commit suicide ! " Cliff all, but cried. "What hospital, and how I can get ? " " He was taken to Santa Ana to Piedmont... Not far... only is about 15 minutes from here... You want to meet you there for? " " That's all right Sgt. "Roger threw. " I can get to. " " If you want to go with us, the light will turn red in the case of no traffic at night. "Second police said. " That would be a great official. "Roger said. " Jay, you'll be fine if we leave here with all that mess n clean ", I asked. " Do not worry about the mess.. damn. JUST GO... Troy needs you. "He said Jay test. Increasing N Cliff Rogers Lexus with him and the police escorted in the direction of St. Annes. What was probably 15 minutes of being, like \\ \\ n more like an hour. in the midst of clean tears from his eyes, prayed Cliff, but feared the worst. "Dear God, do not let this happen!... Not now... NO of Troy! "Cliff did never know, like Roger, thinking about it, but before his departure had taken black cliffs and neck jacket priesthood Cliff went on the road. IfThe arrival at the hospital, Cliff jumped off the car, without even thinking that the door is closed. Ran by the sliding doors of the emergency room and went to the nurses' station station. " Hello, I am a father... " "Cliff," said the nurse, before she could finish what his n call. "We've been waiting for. " " My friend, Troy... How are you?" Cliff asked frantically. "Tell I still alive? " N "He is alive, and he calls you. " He said. "His condition.... how bad it is ? " Suffered "Troy has a concussion and neck X- rays n back injuries. Doctors are with it now. Troy may be some paralysis of the accident. your state is listed as serious, so that better to enter " Cliff Troy wanted to run the bed, but was so stunned, the legs of his s were so strong that he felt moved to go forward against a torrential waterfall. See Cliff, was Troy, not ten feet away. There three doctors and two nurses to care for him. There were all kinds of pipes is aª wires attached to his body with extended sounds and beeps humming. Troy eyes were wide with panic and fear, to see the floats many doctors about it. His visual approach changed when s tends to zero in the cliff for the short hallway, the curtains of the n cab. Cliff also thought Troy managed a smile when Troy knew him. spoke weak, " Father Cliff " The medical team were separated enough to take him to bed. " Yes, Troy," Cliff said : "For what," " I'm here," " allows it.... "Sorry.. " " "do not say so, dass.. would not let me or anyone else... what is happening? " " Have you come to me, finally, the anointing? " " No, I'm here to make you feel better. " " what I did was wrong... you know. " \\ \\ n "What have you done... you do it on purpose, or was it an accident? " "knew that what Young Lolitas I did, Father... I had no choice other than that n \\ \\ I did when I pointed my car and " " in the tree.... But why? I thought it over of my house for dinner with some friends... where we could talk. " ", was my plan when I left the house in Marsden. " " What is happening? Why are your plans? " " I was on my way to Oak Street. I think it was a pretty good mood n and then I saw this woman as a block away from the cross n Street. " ", and to avoid, beat them, destroyed the car? " " No, father was not at all... The closer I got to the wife of s, more like kitty... and suddenly I had this irresistible impulse, get a little older and my life back, which is to return to normal... So I hit my foot on the accelerator and went my ​​car directly to them... and if I'm about fifty feet to kick saw the woman, and I have a good view of the face... It was not kitten... There was a woman who had never seen before, and she looked so fear! I broke my wheel on the right side, just enough to lose n it... I miss her, but that was movement speedng, had no another option that the car right on the head in the direction of a giant oak tree... " " " " They were trying to kill ? No, I was trying to avoid killing the woman! " " Thank God for both ! " " Cliff 's father, will I die? " " No, of course not. "Cliff tries to answer with certainty what, not knowing truth, the truth. " You'll be fine and up and around an n or two days... Even Jay me in my house, except a few remains of missed the game tonight. " " That would be fine, "he began, he said very convincingly. Eyes Troy began to roll and flutter of her eyelids. " Doctor, what is happening ????" said Cliff. " Psst. Nothing's wrong, my father. Apparently, one of the painkillers is intervening and is about to fall asleep.... His vital signs are all normal. "Said the doctor in charge. " I'm afraid that 's all you will be able to tonight's debate... We want to run several tests and we are always one constant watch on him. You can wait in the outdoors orYou can use the number of with the head nurse and call you if there is a change. I do not think that is known about the extent of the paralysis until tomorrow morning if we give more sensory testing. " " Thank you, doctor... but I think it will be fine ? I do not want to go, if there is a possibility I was here... You see, Troy has no real family, and I was very excited to have him and me. I would like to you know, I 'm very close to him and then I like to draw your brother, if you know what I mean. " " I can assure you, if your blood pressure, heart and breathing the prices remain the same throughout the night, as they are now, you it alone. " " In this case I will return home to me... But please, call me immediately if he shows no signs of deterioration. " " I promise. "The doctor said," and I 'm too old and is called to start a to break promises to become a priest. Go home and rest. He has to , we see you tomorrow. " " Thank you, doctor. " Cliff re-entered the waiting room and gave the nurse of his work Name and telephone number. "... and one more thing," said Cliff. " When a kitten called or Kendall must occur Marsden, Troy said, please do not say, all. I'll tell you what I think you need to know. " " Yes, Father. " said the nurse, as a school girl if it had been n , called the office of the Director of the arrest. Once out of the emergency doors, broke into Cliff Rogers arms. Roger had. "How are you ?" Said Roger. " Not good, Rog said, but doctors, not only will you back... not sure if it will be permanently paralyzed. " " Do you know if he tried to commit suicide ? "n " says it was not... it was to prevent the killing of a woman Marsden reminded her kitty. " n " who is Kitty Marsden. " " C'mon, let's get into the car and go home. because they are part of are n me, I'll break my vow of silence and tell n the whole story in the form. n " when they arrived atrectory had told Roger Cliff all, without omitting any details about the visit Troy on Sunday before the night. When we arrived, it got out. It just sat there, tete. " You have been the fall of Troy, right? " " I do not know, Rog.... I do not think it's fair that seemed so hopeless and helpless in their situation, it had everything we could do, to help him... and the worst is... until now not been able to Perform a damn thing to help. " "The Marsden kitten should be some kind of Rich Bitch, you think you can own slaves in the 21st century. " " No, Rog, actually, when you know she is very beautiful. Kendall is beautiful and shows no evidence that challenging. I can see, how could Troy has been well received " " are you going to call in and tell you about Troy? " " No, I want to sit all night and I wonder if he becomes o no. " " I think we should go and say, Jay, what if even awake. ""Okay. But first, you told me to talk about the conversation you and he had while he was in evening prayer. " " Oh, dass.. " \\ \\ n for the next 15 minutes he spoke, and Roger was trying to convey, if every phrase, every nuance and detail that is elapsed between the two. When finished, he sat quietly, responding Waiting for Cliff. " So... you've fallen for it, too. " Joked Cliff, accusingly. "How I can help, but... " continued his feud Cliff. "The first time you leave the two of us, ends up kissing him. It's a good thing there was to celebrate the high mass, or God knows what would have happened. It should be jealous" " ? Jesus... has room to talk, when I speak to you, the rush to have hospital to visit one of their no-show would be... What about Troy... If n jealous of him ? " " No, you idiot, if you know, I want the same... as Jay and I both love. " "It's hard to believe... we've only livedTogether for four days and already have a family. "Roger said with a smile of pride, satisfaction n. N " pretty scary, huh? " ", along with Jay and Troy, there Rob and Timmy? "N " It takes us almost more than any other. " " Jesus, what is your problem? " " I will transmit to all the secrets I've heard in the confessional ? " " Only those who are personally involved with you. " " I can Young Lolitas not intentionally engaging.... " " Yes, but if it does, "Katie bar the door!" '. They were two weeks ago and already has four children are almost self- Age. " " I repeat what I asked you before... " You still want to be reverend, Rog ? " "if only it were a good man in the bed," he reflected. "Do you mind if I found that myself? " " Rog, my love, I think it's a good long drink and a good fuck exactly what I need. " "Would you be embarrassed if I was picked up and carried him a is the threshold? " Roger told him that his arrogant smile. N "I tI hink that lead to the TE. Finally, you have has a job and I am the breadwinner in the family. " " If you try to collect because the fucking goes for the rest of the n in the night... perhaps even a year! " " Well, I admit. "Cliff said. " Let the hand, such as two old people together and go to the drive. I do not want to tire her n... uh, the male apparatus. If I only had a recurrence of last Night of the activity... " Luckily, Jay had gone to bed, which was relieved Cliff, s not a thesis of hours orally on the type of Trojan condition n. However Roger crept and Cliff in the bedroom and closed the door quietly. the final table lamps were already so low that an atmosphere of momentary in the room. they carried out, with a view to another, and no Speak, began to move against each other to undress. once naked, the two , where the two held hands and gazed longingly into the eyes. Cliff thoughts seemed to thunder in the Higher Education ActGod d --- " I love it. He is emotionally mature last year and was completely understanding of my needs and the needs of others. " limits the bed, lay down and kissed her gently, until their instinct overcame everything else. After making passionate love and fell sleep in the arms. The Cliff next sound heard was the phone ringing... seems stronger than usual! " I get that ?" Asked Roger. " No, love, I left my number of nurses in the hospital only if there is a change in the state of Troy. " Said Roger Cliff, but for n itself he prayed, " Oh God, please do not let the bad news.... Please Please, please, do not let Troy be dead! " Cliff hit the receiver the base of the phone and hit s the floor with a thud, before he nervously tried to retrieve it. " Hello? " Said Cliff. "father ?"... was a familiar female voice. should be the nurse in the emergency room, he said. " Yes ? " He replied, breathe out. " This is Kitty Marsden. AndTroy Wilkinson ou know, right? The man young, Kendall and the church come to me ? " " Yes, yes, I do. I shook his hand out of the last mass Sunday. " " You have not Young Lolitas seen or heard of him tonight, do you ? Young Lolitas " No, Mrs. Marsden, " Cliff lied: "No, I do not. Why should I s seen Young Lolitas or heard of him... ? " ( to "Briarwood " A BOOK chapter seven continues)
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